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Glittery hairbow tutorial

I have a really fun tutorial for you today that I think you are going to love, especially if you have some little girls in your life. These glittery hair bows are some of my favorite to put into my girl’s hair, and they are so simple to make too. Once you’ve tried making one, you might as well make one in every color to go with every outfit. (It’s what I did.) 🙂

glitter hair bow supplies

Let’s just get right to it. To make your own glittery hair bow, you’ll need:

  • Glitter fabric (found by the craft felt at Hobby Lobby)
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hair clip
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Scissors

Glitter Hair Bow how to

Start by cutting a strip of of the glitter fabric that is 2 inches by 6 inches, and another piece that is 1/2 inch by about 3 inches. Find the center of the larger strip, and fold the sides into the middle so that they are overlapping. Then, using your needle and thread, tie a knot at the end of the thread, and sew a running stitch through all three layers. You will only be doing two full stitches which gives it the look that you are wanting.

glitter bow tutorial

Pull the running stitch tight and then wrap the thread around the middle of the bow a few times. Finish it off by knotting off the end. Then you’ll grab your hot glue gun and the smaller strip of glittery fabric. Start at the back of the bow and hot glue the strip end to the middle. After it has set, wrap the strip around the rest of the bow and hot glue it into place. Clip the excess strip off and you’re ready to add the clip.

Hairbow tutorial

For the metal clip, I picked mine up at Sally’s Beauty Supply in a big box. I used a coordinating ribbon and glued it to the clip. This is important so that the clip can stick to the bow without falling off. Once the ribbon is in place, hot glue it to the bottom of the bow.

Glittery hair bow

After you’ve got it all put together, make sure that the bow is pushed out and molded just right. It will hold it’s shape really well because of the fabric we are using. It is very stiff and easy to mold.

Hair bow tutorial

It really is so simple and you’ll love the way they look in you’re little girl’s hair. You should just get some girl friends together and get making them! If you need some hair style ideas for ways to wear them, you should check out the Sunday Styles posts, especially this french pony braid hairdo!

Glittery hair bow tutorial

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