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As a mom, I worry about my kids. Are they eating the right things? Am I teaching them the things that I am supposed to be teaching them? Are they getting the best possible help for the problems they are facing? The last question is one that weighs on my mind a lot lately. My oldest has struggled with reading, and it is becoming more and more apparent as she gets older that it isn’t something that is just going to go away. I have been looking for any way that I can help her, so that she can be as successful as she can, in anything she wants to become.


With her reading difficulties, it is like pulling teeth to get her to read anything for us because it is so hard for her. Every parent teacher conference is spent with tears shed wondering what else we can do for our sweet girl. She has done summer school, has a tutor coming twice a week, and has additional help at school. Even with everything we have in place for her, it has been so frustrating to see her progress so slowly.

Growing up, I loved reading and would spend my recesses in the library reading books. I want so much for her to have that same love of reading and want to read books on her own instead of constantly being forced to read.

I hear about monthly box subscriptions all of the time, but I don’t really look into them too much—BUT—when I heard about Bookroo, I took the time to look into it a bit more and I am hooked. Every month, they send you books that are hidden gems, instead of the popular books that everyone has heard of. I signed up for the older kid box set which comes with 2 hardcover picture books.

When the package arrived, I called my girls in to open the box with me and we loved that the books inside were wrapped like presents!

This is the part where I get a little emotional. I was in the kitchen when I heard some giggling from the front room. I found my oldest sitting on the couch, reading the new books to herself and laughing about the stories inside. She was reading AND comprehending the stories. I purposefully haven’t read the books outloud to the girls because I wanted Lillie to read them and learn the stories on her own. The mystery of what the story could possibly be, finally peeked her curiosity enough that she read it.

Addie came into the room and sat next to Lillie and asked her to read the stories to her, and that little glimpse was an instant “mommy payday” for me. Of course I had to grab my camera and document this sweet moment. Lillie is making progress. She is going to do so many great things, and I can’t wait to watch her conquering more of her challenges and I know she will come out on top.

I would definitely recommend the Bookroo subscription to anyone with younger kids. It is a really great way to build your family library and gives your kids something new and exciting to look forward to every month. If you are wanting to try it out, here is an amazing offer for 20% off of a 3 or 6 month subscription. The cost of the subscription is always less than the retail value of the books. Try it out and let me know what you think! We are sold on the subscription over here at our house. 🙂


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